Be Proactive by Prepping Your Car for the Hot Months Ahead!

Posted on April 1, 2021 by Active Insurance

Summer isn’t far off, meaning that the sun will hit a bit harder with heat. As you look ahead, it’s important that you keep your vehicle in mind. After all, it’ll need your undivided attention as you prep it for the hotter weather. Don’t know where to start? Pronto Insurance can help!

It’s All About the Coolant

Picture being stranded on the side of a road with an overheated car and no help in sight. Stay on top of your car’s coolant level to ensure that it runs in top shape. We strongly suggest keeping an additional container of coolant in your trunk if you have an older vehicle.

Battery Woes

As the temperatures rise, the toll on your car’s battery does as well. To avoid the headache of a malfunctioning battery, we suggest having yours checked occasionally to avoid being stuck with a dead car and little-to-no options for help.

Prioritize Your AC

There are a few things as frustrating as driving around on a hot summer day with no AC, sweaty, and in an overall foul mood. One very important thing you can do before the days get much hotter is testing your AC! If it’s not cold enough, then get it checked ASAP.

Replace Your Wipers

Cold weather has a habit of wreaking havoc on your wipers with cracks, tears, and other damages. We suggest that you replace them now before the summer rainfall begins. After all, it’s an affordable upgrade that can really make a difference.