3 Signs You Need to Invest in a New Vehicle

Posted on January 17, 2023 by Active Insurance

There’s a big chance most of us would love to be driving a brand-new vehicle right about now. But in reality, some would benefit more from a new set of wheels than others. If your car is not as reliable as it used to be, it could be time for a new one. Some factors may indicate it’s time for a new vehicle. 

It’s Unsafe

This one is the most glaring indicator that it’s time for your car to hang up the boots. Maybe the seatbelts are no longer working as they used to, you have to “jiggle” your brake pedal before it engages, or you have to steer with all your might for your car to head in the right direction. Should you continue risking safety to drive a car like this? Probably not. 

It’s Expensive

As much as you don’t want to admit it, cars don’t last forever. Keeping the wheels turning is getting a little more expensive than you might have anticipated. Your gas efficiency has hit rock bottom, car repairs are through the roof, and even keeping your car insured is getting expensive! You’ll have to decide whether your vehicle is worth spending so much on. 

It Looks Bad

Some cars are ageless and stunning, no matter how many years pass. Yet this is only valid for a select few. Remember, driving is equal parts function and looks! If you ever look at your driveway and feel like the car you drive has seen better days, it could be time for an upgrade.

Pronto Insurance is Here

Whether you’ve decided on a new set of wheels or remain loyal to your old machine, you’ll need the right car insurance to protect them. If you’re currently trying to find the best value for money, look no further than Pronto Insurance. Contact our insurance agents today to learn more about what we can offer.