3 Ways Your Age Can Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

Posted on February 15, 2024 by Active Insurance

Not many of us want to admit it, but getting older can be beautiful. It gives us a new outlook on life and even lets us look back at everything we’ve experienced through a new lens. As you age,
you may even notice your car insurance needs and preferences have evolved.
At Pronto Insurance, your coverage is an evergreen tool that should be reviewed at every stage of life. If you believe your age may impact your coverage requirements and want to make informed decisions about your insurance going forward, consider the following considerations.
Consider Your Driving Habits
Take a moment to consider the way you drive today. There’s a big chance you drive less frequently due to some life changes – perhaps your children are of driving age, or you’ve recently started working from home. If you feel like your annual mileage has decreased, you may be eligible for lower insurance premiums.
Did you know, if you have maintained a clean driving record, you may get discounts that reflect your upstanding driving experience.
Evaluate Your Vehicle and How You Use It
As we mentioned above, you may have arrived at life changes that could change what you drive and how you do so. For instance, you may have recently become an empty nester and have chosen to downsize your vehicle. Or maybe you’ve recently retired and no longer need to commute to work.
These changes can impact your insurance coverage, premiums, and discounts. Contact your insurance company to see if how you drive now translates to savings on your insurance rates.
Take Advantage of All Savings Options
As you age, you may be eligible for discounts only available to mature drivers. Defensive driving course discounts, loyalty savings, and bundled insurance policies could significantly affect your insurance expenses.
Make a habit of reviewing your insurance policy regularly to ensure it meets your current needs. If specific components or your driving habits are no longer helpful, make adjustments that align with changes and positively impact your financial situation.
Pronto Insurance Is Here for You
Whether you’ve been on the road for decades or just set off on your first driving adventures, Pronto Insurance has your back. Our coverage options prioritize your safety, finances, and peace of mind so you can always take to the road with confidence. Contact our insurance agents today to learn more about our services or to request a quote.