4 Items You Should Keep in Your Car at All Times – Part 2

Posted on January 3, 2023 by Active Insurance

In a previous blog, we brought you some of those not-so-common items you should always try to keep in your vehicle. They’re not as talked about as jumper cables or flashlights but can offer tremendous help if you’re in a pinch! Today, we’re bringing more items to help you stay prepared.

Work Gloves

Car breakdowns happen when you least expect them; sometimes, they occur during the worst possible weather. Whether it’s cold out, rainy, or the tarmac is blistering hot, a pair of work gloves can help keep your hands as protected as possible. 

Escape Tool

Having to escape your vehicle is not a thought that often crosses our minds. If the situation ever arises, it’s best to be prepared for it. An escape tool can cut through seatbelts and break windows. Remember, this tool is vital, so always keep it close to you (center console or glove compartment). 

Vacuum Cleaner

From pet hair and a child’s mess to pieces of broken glass, vacuum cleaners are beneficial when ridding your car of things that can stain, cause damage to your vehicle, or even damage your passengers. 

Waterproof Ponchos

Changing a tire, prepping your car for a tow, or any other typical breakdown situation in the rain is a nightmare scenario. The last thing you want is to renter your vehicle soaked! With that said, a waterproof poncho can help you stay as dry as possible. 


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