5 Lesser Known Driving Violations That may get you Pulled Over – Part 2

Posted on December 13, 2021 by Active Insurance

5 Lesser Known Driving Violations That may get you Pulled Over – Part 2

Pronto Insurance previously shed light on some of the not-so-common reasons why police officers may pull you over. The topic is vast, and the information we share with you may keep you from getting reprimanded by the law. So, to help prepare you, even more, we’ve decided to share additional insight into this topic.

Being Too Loud

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the rumble of your exhaust pipe as you sit at a stop sign. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with jamming out to your favorite hits when you get behind the wheel. However, when these situations get a little too loud, you may have some noise complaints heading your way. After all, it’s important to remember you share the road with many others, so being mindful is a must.


Imagine pulling up to a traffic light, looking over to the vehicle next to you, and seeing upwards of ten people crammed inside it. At the very least, it looks a little off, doesn’t it? If police officers see this, they may think it’s suspect and outright dangerous, so pulling the car over is a must.

Out of the Bar, Into the Car

This seems like an obvious one, but just in case it doesn’t, walking out of a bar and into a vehicle may look outright wrong to a watchful officer. At the very least, the officer will pull the car over to ensure the person behind the wheel is the designated driver. At the worst, the driver is in heaps of trouble.

Litter Bug

Throwing trash out of your car window is not only an environmental wrongdoing but is also a significant hazard and could potentially cause a crash. If a police officer sees you littering, you should expect flashing lights immediately.

The Bad Kind of Tailgating

There’s a big chance you’ve been on the wrong end of a tailgater. You’ve glanced at your rearview mirror and gone from “what is this person doing,” to “cut it out!” In all fairness, tailgating is a huge safety hazard that can cause serious accidents. It’s the reason why, if officers see it, they’re sure to pull over the driver at fault.