5 Reasons why your steering wheel feels shaky

Posted on October 29, 2020 by Active Insurance

We always expect our vehicles to get us from points A to B in one piece, to make every last drop of fuel count, and to run smoothly at all times. This is probably why we get into such a panic when we feel something irregular like a steering wheel shaking. We immediately wonder if it’s really that bad, if it can be fixed, and if it’ll be expensive. If your steering wheel shakes when you drive, it could be due to one of the following reasons.


Tires that are out of balance will inevitably cause your steering wheel to shake and wobble. If your tires have different pressures or worn out treads, there’s a big chance they’re unbalanced. Keep in mind that the faster you drive on unbalanced tires, the more shaking you’ll feel.


If you try to slow down with malfunctioning brakes, you may feel strong vibrations moving up the steering wheel. These malfunctions could potentially mean your brake pads are worn out or your rotors are malfunctioning. Whatever the case, it’s extremely important that you get them checked to avoid further problems.


Your wheel bearings should last years but will eventually wear out or get damaged. If this occurs, you’ll experience some shakiness in your steering wheel. If your vehicle shakes while driving in a straight line, it could potentially mean your ball joints are faulty.

The Axle

Although somewhat uncommon, there’s a chance your axle could be bent or damaged, especially if you’ve been in a car accident recently. If your car abruptly jerks to either side, your driveshaft may be broken. If you spot these problems, stop driving immediately and get your car looked at.


Your engine could potentially cause vibrations if it’s malfunctioning. It’s important to note that, even if this is the cause, you’ll likely feel the shaking throughout the entire vehicle. If you suspect your engine may be failing, it could potentially be issues with fuel delivery or air induction.