Debunking a Few Myths About Optimal Car-Buying Times

Posted on February 3, 2021 by Active Insurance

Your set of wheels may have just about given all it could for you and it’s looking like the time for a new car is just around the corner. Of course, Uncle Joe says you should buy at the end of the year, but Aunt Jane is adamant about waiting for a holiday. When it comes to the optimal time to buy a car, myths reign supreme, but Pronto Insurance is here to steer you on the right and truthful path!

What’s the Deal with Mondays?

If you ask a group of friends when the best days of the week to buy a car are, they’ll likely agree on the weekend. The logic being that salespeople will be in such a rush they’ll be much more likely to settle on a good deal for you.

However, that same type of pressure may go both ways. As in, you’ll likely be the one who is pressured into the wrong deal. However, statistics from TrueCar say you’ll find better deals on weekdays. In fact, shoppers who buy on Monday can save up to 8.1% or more than any other day of the week.

Springtime Uncertainty

Many people think car buying in the springtime is bad news for the buyer. The belief is would-be buyers from the winter holidays are finally out of their shopping fatigue and ready to purchase a new vehicle, making deals nonexistent. However, Memorial Day weekend provides some of the most amazing promotions and incentives for car buyers. So, if you’re looking to buy, then May is the best month to do so.

The Waiting Game

There’s a big chance that if you mention being in the market for a new vehicle to a friend, they may say something like, “Why not wait for a good deal?” However, waiting too long, especially if you’re in dire need of a vehicle, could prove to be devastating to your pocket.

Our best advice is to ignore that myth and shop around. After all, dealerships around the nation are constantly competing and offering incentives year-round! Go out there, test drive, and fall in love with your brand-new set of wheels.