Halloween Trick-or-Treating Driving Safety Tips

Posted on October 16, 2023 by Active Insurance

Active Auto Insurance

If there are ghouls, witches, and skeletons outside your window, it must be that time of year –Halloween is here! As one of the year’s most popular holidays approaches, you can expect the streets to come alive with excited trick-or-treaters searching for fun and delicious candy. This means you must act accordingly by prioritizing safety, especially if driving on Halloween night. Not sure where to start? Pronto Insurance has you covered.

Slow Down and Be Extra Cautious
Foot traffic increases greatly on Halloween night as residential neighborhoods become flooded with anticipating trick-or-treaters looking for the best sports. It’s your responsibility to drive well below the speed limit in these areas. It would be best to remain vigilant for children who can dart out into the street when you least expect them.

Avoid Distractions
Distractions while behind the wheel are always a risk. However, it’s hazardous when there are so many young pedestrians around. To prevent accidents, put your smartphone away, avoid adjusting your radio, and keep any conversations happening to a minimum.

Use Your Headlights
Some costumes are bright and full of light, while others lean into the dark spookiness of the season. To keep your eyes on all types of costumes during Halloween night, turn your headlights on, even if it’s unclear. Doing so will make your vehicle more noticeable to pedestrians enjoying the night.

Use Your Turn Signals
Turning without signaling during Halloween can cause unsuspecting pedestrians to come in harm’s way. That’s why using your turn signals well in advance during the holiday is especially important.

Plan Your Route Carefully
Plan your route accordingly if you know you’ll be behind the wheel on Halloween night. If possible, avoid any areas bogged down by car and foot traffic. If congested areas cannot be avoided, prepare to drive as safely as possible.