If I Modify My Car, Will My Insurance Rates Increase?

Posted on October 13, 2021 by Active Insurance

If I Modify My Car, Will My Insurance Rates Increase?

Modifications can increase your vehicle’s speed, make it louder, and leave other drivers jealous! As cool as modifications are, it’s essential to know if they’ll raise your insurance rate.

The Answer May Surprise You

If you insured your vehicle after purchasing it, then your rate is based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Therefore, any modifications made after can increase your insurance rate.

You should also know that:

  • Your rate may change when you make repairs.
  • Your rate’s amount depends on how much you modify the car.
  • Modified vehicles have higher rates due to the increased likelihood of them being stolen.
  • The Nature of Your Modifications

    Overall, a paint job may not increase your insurance rates but adding a lift kit, spoiler, or turbocharging your engine might. Whatever you decide, make sure you talk it out with our insurance company to avoid any potential issues down the line.