Is an Electric Car Right for You?

Posted on March 5, 2021 by Active Insurance

Over the last few years, electric vehicles have climbed in popularity and become an appealing option for drivers looking for a new set of wheels. What were once boxy and somewhat unattractive vehicles have become luxurious, fast, and advanced machines that turn heads. Now that you’re looking for a new car, will you make the switch to electric? Here are a few things to consider before a decision.

Average Mileage

If you’re commuting for hours on end between home and work and live a busy lifestyle that has you running errands in your spare time, then an electric vehicle is a no-brainer. Just think of the money you’d save on gas! However, if you’re currently working from home or are blessed enough to live close to everything you need, perhaps electric should be a second option.

Charging It

Sure, electric vehicles mean little-to-no trips to the gas station, but you’ll still need to charge it. With that said, do you have easy access to electricity at home? If you live in an apartment complex or home with more vehicles than driveway space, then charging your new electric car may be next to impossible. And that’s definitely something to consider.

What Do You Want Out of Your Vehicle?

If you’re looking to go electric, then you more than likely care about saving money on gas and your carbon footprint. However, it’s important to evaluate what you need out of your vehicle. For instance, if you’re accustomed to a truck to make heavy hauls, then it may be difficult to make the switch.

Long-Distance Travel

If you’re a weekend warrior who hits the road for long-distance adventures, then consider this. Many electric vehicles are not exactly the best when it comes to long travels because the range of their power source is just not there. Of course, you could pay a few extra tens of thousands of dollars for an electric vehicle that will fit your travel
needs, but that may not be within your budget.