Items You Should Never EVER Leave in Your Car – Part 1

Posted on November 8, 2021 by Active Insurance

Items You Should Never EVER Leave in Your Car – Part 1

Life comes at you fast. One minute you’re at home, relaxing, without a care in the world. Then – bam! You’re speeding down the road because you remembered you had to be somewhere. We can lose our train of thought during these times and can leave items in our car for hours, days, or even weeks! However, there are certain items you should never forget and leave in your vehicle. Pronto Insurance is here to let you know why.

The Obvious One: Electronics

Electronics like your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, are expensive and delicate, especially if left exposed to hot temperatures. Many electronics companies display warnings to remind you of the consequences you can face if you leave those items in your car. You can avoid damages or theft by simply checking your vehicle before you exit.

Lighters Are a No-Go

It’s not difficult to imagine the kind of mess an exploding lighter can make inside your vehicle if it busts. When temperatures rise, the lighter fluid expands and can leak and potentially burst the lighter. Whether an automobile fire occurs or not, you don’t want to risk experiencing one.
Instead, avoid leaving lighters in your vehicle at all times.

Aerosol Dangers

If you ever take the time to look at the recommended storage temperatures on the side of any aerosol can, you quickly realize leaving them in a car is not a good idea. Pressurized cans can expand with high temperatures, and they’re more likely to crack or explode in the confines of your vehicle. Do the right thing and check twice before leaving your car at the mercy of an aerosol can.