Items You Should Never EVER Leave in Your Car – Part 2

Posted on November 10, 2021 by Active Insurance

Items You Should Never EVER Leave in Your Car – Part 2

In a previous blog, we shared information on some of the worst items you could ever leave in your vehicle. They can potentially burst, cause damage, and go up in flames! Pronto Insurance wants to provide you with even more information about other items you should always avoid leaving in your vehicle.

Forgotten Food Is Bad News

As you can imagine, items like chocolate, ice cream, or ice are going to have a rotten time in your vehicle. However, the situation can get even worse with forgotten groceries or leftover food! Harmful bacteria can quickly cultivate in unrefrigerated food and can lead to you or your loved ones becoming sick. If you end up leaving food in your car for more than an hour, we suggest you dispose of it to avoid illness.

Sunscreen Isn’t Heat Proof

Protection against the sun’s harmful rays is never a bad idea. However, leaving sunscreen in your vehicle could mean bad news. For starters, high temperatures can add intense pressure to your bottles and make them burst, which leads to big cleanup jobs for your vehicle. More importantly, the heat can eventually shorten the life of your sunscreen and decrease its effectiveness.

Batteries are No Joke

Batteries tend to leak or burst when exposed to high temperatures. If this were to happen in your vehicle, you and your loved ones could accidentally inhale those harmful battery acids and fumes. If you carry battery-powered items such as chargers or flashlights, make sure you keep them in the trunk of your car, away from the interior.