Keep It Cool and Prep Your Car for Warmer Weather

Posted on March 11, 2022 by Active Insurance

Keep It Cool and Prep Your Car for Warmer Weather

When the cold days wear off, and the sun starts to sizzle down on us, we tend to waste no time in getting ourselves ready for the new weather. We wear lighter clothes, hydrate more, and even lather our skin with a bit of sunblock. Wouldn’t it be great if we gave our vehicles the same treatment? At Pronto Insurance, we want to help you prep your car and keep it working as it should during the sizzling hot weather.

Your AC is a Priority

Summers can be brutal, and taking on the road without air-conditioning is entirely out of the question. If you want to avoid driving around in a foul mood and soaked in sweat, we recommend you make sure your AC is working properly before the weather gets even hotter. Giving it a test run will let you know if you’re all set or if it’s time to make some repairs.

Check Your Coolant

Your vehicle’s coolant is its natural hydration. Without it, overheating becomes a huge danger that can potentially leave you stranded when you least expect it. We recommend you check your coolant levels even before spring begins. It’s always a good idea to carry an extra container of coolant in your trunk, especially if you drive an older vehicle.

How’s Your Battery?

As you can imagine, the blazing summer heat can negatively affect your car battery. If you wish to avoid any malfunctions while out on the road, it’s always a good idea to have your battery charge checked. Now, doing so allows you to replace your battery before the weather gets even hotter.

Help When You Need It

Did you know some insurance plans come with the added benefit of roadside assistance? At Pronto Insurance, we know this feature can be a difference-maker in unexpected situations. Give our insurance agents a call today for more information about this comprehensive service.