Labor Day 2021: Enjoy Your Long Weekend with the Utmost Safety in Mind

Posted on September 1, 2021 by Active Insurance

Labor Day 2021: Enjoy Your Long Weekend with the Utmost Safety in Mind

Each year, people from around the nation count down the days for that weekend that allows us rest, fun, and relaxation. These special occasions include Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Labor Day. But, while most people know the significance behind most of these days, Labor Day can often be a mystery. At Pronto Insurance, we like history, especially when it gives way to the joys of a three-day weekend!

The Beginnings

In the late 19th century, trade and labor unionists became more active, seeking rights and recognition for the many laborers of America who had a tremendous impact on the way the nation developed.
The Labor Day holiday (to be celebrated on the first Monday of September) as we know it today, was initially proposed in the early 1880s, although the exact origin is subject to debate. However, one thing is certain: the purpose of the holiday was to recognize and celebrate the contribution that America’s laborers had on the developing nation of the time.

Celebrate Responsibly

Today, families across the nation celebrate the occasion by taking trips out to their local parks, the beach, or any other destination that offers the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the day. Of course, this often means more vehicles packed with anticipating passengers hitting the road!
At Pronto Insurance, we want to remind you that safety is just as important as fun, which is why we suggest following these simple tips to make sure your Labor Day is as safe as it is exciting:

  • Follow the rules of the road, no matter your destination.
  • Ensure that your passengers have fastened their seatbelts.
  • Be respectful to other drivers and avoid distractions.
  • Never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.