Sharing the Road with Aggressive Drivers if You Must

Posted on May 6, 2021 by Active Insurance

Sharing the Road with Aggressive Drivers if You Must

Millions of drivers hit the road each day. While most are respectful and tolerant, it isn’t uncommon to run into aggressive drivers. If you find yourself in an exchange with an aggressive driver, it’s important to know exactly what to do.

Don’t Respond

To keep yourself and others safe, it’s best to avoid responding to an aggressive driver. Doing so can escalate their behavior and lead to even more dangerous actions. We recommend avoiding eye contact, letting them pass, and resuming your drive.

Be Understanding

Aggressive behavior has no excuse, but it’s impossible to know what the other driver may be going through to react in an antagonistic manner. Perhaps they’ve had a tough day or are dealing with a medical emergency that has them feeling anxious. Whatever the case, make sure you maintain your composure and avoid reaching their level of hostility.

Pull Over

If the aggressive driver is way too close to your vehicle for comfort, then it’s a good idea to pull your car over safely. Once you do so, simply let them drive off, wait a few moments, then continue. Please remember to not exit your vehicle. The other driver can
potentially interpret this as an act of defiance which can be met with more hostility.

Contact the Authorities

If you’ve followed these steps but the driver’s aggressive behavior insists, then it’s best to contact authorities to deal with the issue.