Take the Right Steps to Protect Your Home and Vehicle this Season

Posted on December 10, 2023 by Active Insurance

The change in seasons can increase the potential for storms, heavy rain, gusty winds, and even hail. These hazardous weather events can wreak havoc on both homes and vehicles. Active Insurance recognizes the value of your assets, vehicle, and home, so we want to emphasize the need for proactive measures to safeguard your property with this insightful information.

Your Home Matters
Bracing your home is crucial if a fall storm is expected to hit your area. Start by securing loose items in the yard, such as chairs, tables, toys, etc. If time allows, trimming any overhanging branches that can break and strike your home is a good time. To prevent damage to your windows and doors, reinforce them with tape or plywood if the storm you expect will be vital.

Your Car Does Too
During a storm, your car is at the mercy of hail, falling branches, or any other items being flung by the strong winds. Your vehicle should be parked in your garage or any covered structure whenever possible. A car cover can also provide protection if you cannot do so.

Insurance Makes the Difference
Unfortunately, some storms arrive so abruptly that preparing for them becomes impossible. This is where your home and auto coverage earns its value. Our comprehensive plans are designed to address the damages to your assets and provide the peace of mind you deserve during challenging times.

Let’s Get You Covered
Are you worried your property is underinsured? Are you looking to get the type of coverage that fits your specific needs without adding expensive items you won’t use?

Pronto Insurance has you covered.

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