These 3 Signs Could Indicate It May be Time for a New Vehicle

Posted on March 11, 2022 by Active Insurance

These 3 Signs Could Indicate It May be Time for a New Vehicle

Car payments can be a major monthly headache. It’s the reason why so many drivers keep their cars running for as long as they possibly can. However, no matter how hard you may try, there is always a point when your car just won’t work any longer. At Pronto Insurance, we want to share the 3 most common signs that indicate it is time for a new set of wheels.

Safety Concerns

Older cars tend to have a few quirks in them that need to be done in order to work. Maybe the gas cap needs to be jiggled in order to twist off. Or perhaps the seat reclining lever needs a bit of a shimmy to let you adjust your seat. But, if you find yourself doing these same things to your seatbelt, your brakes, or any other component that’s vital for your safety, it’s time to say goodbye to your car.

You’re Hemorrhaging Money

Sure, not having a car payment is a godsend. And yes, you’re going to have to make some repairs to your vehicle eventually. But, if you’re finding yourself frequently paying mechanics, your gas efficiency is in shambles, or insurance costs are steadily rising, you may be spending way too much on your old car.

Bad Looks

Some older vehicles look great and are full of charm. But it’s safe to say that many other older vehicles have definitely seen better days. Chances are, you can probably tell which category your vehicle falls under. If your set of wheels is an absolute eyesore and you have an opportunity to score a better-looking set of wheels, run with it!

Protection Always

No matter what state your car is in, it’s important to remember the best protection you can give it is car insurance. At Pronto Insurance, we’re ready to help you find the protection that best fits your need, so you can keep hitting the road with peace of mind. Contact us today for more information about our insurance services.