What is a Certificate of Insurance, and How do I Get It?

Posted on May 28, 2024 by Active Insurance

What is a Certificate of Insurance, and How do I Get It?

Navigating the various documents and policies can be overwhelming. One such document that often confuses is the Certificate of Insurance (COI). Understanding what a COI is and how to obtain one is crucial for individuals and businesses to ensure they are adequately protected. 


This blog aims to demystify the concept of COIs, explain their importance, and provide guidance on obtaining one.

What Is a Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Auto Insurance is a document issued by an insurer to confirm coverage for a specific individual or entity. It serves as proof of insurance and typically includes key information such as the type of coverage, policy limits, and effective dates. COIs are often requested by third parties, like clients or business partners, to confirm adequate insurance before activities or transactions.


How Does a Certificate of Insurance Work?

When a party requests a COI, the insured party contacts their insurance provider to request the document. The insurance company then issues the COI, usually directly to the requesting party. The COI does not alter or amend the insurance policy in any way but simply confirms coverage as of the date of issuance.

Why You Need a Certificate of Insurance

A COI is essential for demonstrating proof of insurance coverage, especially when liability is a concern. For businesses, presenting a COI may be a requirement when entering into contracts or agreements with clients or vendors. Additionally, individuals may need a COI when renting property or participating in certain activities where insurance coverage is necessary.

Difference Between an Insurance Policy and a COI

It’s important to understand that a COI is not an insurance policy but a summary of the insurance coverage in place. While an insurance policy outlines the terms, conditions, and coverage provided by the insurer, a COI is evidence that the policy exists and is current. Think of the COI as a snapshot of the insurance policy at a specific time.

How to Get Your COI

Obtaining a COI is typically straightforward. You can contact your insurance provider and request a COI if you already have an insurance policy. Be prepared to provide details such as the name and address of the party requesting the COI and any specific requirements they may have. Your insurance provider will generate the COI and send it to the designated recipient.


Get Your Insurance Needs Met with Active Insurance

Knowing what a Certificate of Insurance is and how to get one is crucial for ensuring proof of insurance coverage when it counts. By familiarizing yourself with the purpose and function of COIs, you can confidently navigate insurance requirements and protect yourself against potential liabilities. 


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