What to Expect When You File a Car Insurance Claim

Posted on February 15, 2024 by Active Insurance

A car accident is a stressful and overwhelming situation to live through, especially if substantial damage or physical harm is present. Add to that the process of filing an insurance claim, and the post-accident experience can become even more daunting, especially if you have never filed a claim with your auto insurance provider. Understanding the process can help alleviate some of the stress associated with the experience, and Pronto Insurance is ready to give you the insight you need.

The Crucial First Steps
If you’re ever in an accident, it’s important to remember that there is a specific sequence of steps you must take to increase your chances of reaching a satisfactory outcome. These include:
-Assessing the Damage: Immediately after an accident, you must prioritize safety. Contact law enforcement and wait for them to arrive. Once it’s safe, take plenty of time to assess the
damage to your vehicle and any injuries to yourself or others involved. Remember to take pictures and gather contact information of witnesses who agree to be reached later.
-Contacting Your Insurance Company: Once you’ve assessed damage, it’s time to report the incident to your insurance provider. Remember, this is a crucial step in the process – failing to
contact your insurer promptly could affect your outcome.
-Provide Details: Be prepared to provide details such as the accident's date, time, and location, as well as any relevant documentation, such as the other party’s insurance information and
photos of the scene.

Prepare for the Claims Process
Once you’ve filed a claim, your insurance company will initiate an investigation. It’s important to remember this process is comprehensive and extensive. It can involve gathering statements from
involved parties, assessing damages, and determining fault.
The claims process also requires gathering repair estimates – your insurance provider may ask you to obtain repair estimates from approved mechanics or body shops. Once you’ve delivered these
assessments, your insurer will take time to evaluate your options and determine your coverage based on the policy you’re currently under.
Reaching a Resolution
After completing the investigation and claims processes, your insurance company will deliver a settlement for your claim. In most cases, this can involve covering the costs for repairs, medical
expenses, and other damages as mandated by your existing policy at the time of the crash.
If the settlement is not what you anticipated, remember that most insurance companies allow you to enter into an appeal process where you can dispute their decision by providing evidence that supports your case.

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Protection You Can Count On
There are no two ways: the insurance claim process can be overwhelming. However, working with your insurance provider should feel like a smooth process. If you’re currently dissatisfied with your insurance provider and want to explore options that prioritize you at all times, Pronto Insurance can help. Contact our experienced insurance agents today to learn more about our products and request a quote.