Yes, Your Car Deserves a Spring Cleaning, Too!

Posted on June 3, 2021 by Active Insurance

Yes, Your Car Deserves a Spring Cleaning, Too!

Each year, countless people roll their sleeves up and prepare for spring cleaning. They throw out old boxes, sort through old clothes, and spend hours (if not days) ridding their home of clutter. So, why not do the same for your car?

Remove Everything

The first thing you can do as you prepare to clean is remove everything from your car. We’re talking old drinks, the designated trash bags, seat covers, and even your floor mats. Doing so will provide the perfect starting point for the actual cleaning.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

That’s right, it’s time to haul out the old vacuum cleaner from deep in the closet along with every attachment it can possibly have and get to work! Remember, after months (if not years) of dirt and dust collecting, you’re going to need to really get in there to vacuum it all up. Use your hose attachments to get under the seats, into the cup holders, between car door compartments, and anywhere else dirt collects.

Mats and Covers

If you have cloth seat covers, now is the perfect time to toss them in the washer for a nice, deep cleaning. As for your mats, you’re going to want to wash them with the strongest nozzle on your hose if they’re plastic. If the gunk is deep, then use soap and brushes. If your mats are carpet, vacuum them separately and use cleaning solutions for any tough stains.

Move Onto the Outside

Once your car’s interior has been vacuumed, brushed, cleaned, and scented, it’s time to move outside. Now, whether you decide to wash your car yourself or visit a washer, there are a few things you can do to take the cleaning one step further:

  • Wipe down the windows and glass surfaces with glass cleaner
  • Hose down the underbody
  • Clean your upholstery and dashboard with approved cleaners
  • Organize the clutter in your center console