Your Teen’s Path to a Driver’s License

Posted on October 2, 2020 by Active Insurance

Is your child ready to get behind the wheel? While this proud parenting moment is a great one, it’s important for your child to know the driver’s license process in your state. It may not be as simple as you think, but Pronto is here to help you and your child fully

A Learner’s License

The first thing your child will need is a learner’s license. They must be at least 15 years old and accompanied by a parent to a driver’s exam office. You’ll need to bring a copy of their birth certificate, U.S. passport, and/or any other applicable documents with their
social security number, name, and age.

A written driver’s knowledge test, a sign recognition test, and a vision test will be needed to earn a learner’s license. Remember, your teen must then enroll in a driver’s education course and can only drive with a passenger over 21 years old.

A Provisional License

When your teen turns 16, has had a learner license for at least six months, and has completed 30 hours of practice driving (including 10 hours of night driving), they may apply for a provisional license. This means successfully completing a behind-the-wheel driving test and a state-certified driver’s education course. After getting a provisional
license, your teen must abide by certain restrictions:

 Transporting no more than one person under the age of 21 who isn’t a family
 Only driving between midnight and 5:00 AM with a driver’s licensed parent or
guardian for employment, educational purposes, or for an emergency.
 Not using electronic communications while driving.
 Ensuring that all passengers wear a seatbelt.
 Abiding by the state’s ZERO Tolerance Law.

A Full License

At 18, your teen will be eligible for an unrestricted license. Other than their learner’s license, all other licenses issued before the age of 18 will be marked as “provisional.” At this point, your teen will be allowed to drive like the rest of us.