Safety Driving Tips to Maneuver Around Some of the Most Common Road Hazards

As technology advances and develops, driving has become an increasingly safer mode of transportation. That said, your vehicle will always be as safe as you and other drivers behind the wheel. But this begs the question, how should you react when the road throws some unexpected hazards your way? At Pronto Insurance, we have the answers and the auto coverage, you need. 


Roads aren’t just shared with other motorists. Sometimes, especially at night and early morning, wildlife can find their way to the tarmac and pose a real danger to unsuspecting drivers. It’s why driving is so essential, especially alert during these active hours. Remember, if a wild animal darts in front of you, hit your brakes, hold on to your steering wheel firmly, and honk your horn. Jerking your wheel away from danger can cause you to lose control and crash. 


Countless vehicles are lost to floods and recklessness each year. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you’ve likely heard the adage, “turn around, don’t drown.” This saying has stood the test of time because it continues to hold a lot of weight. So, if you drive up to a sizeable puddle and don’t know how deep it may be, do the right thing and find an alternate route to your destination. 

Newly Wet Roads

If your area has received its first rain in weeks or months, you must be extra cautious while driving. The oil, grease, and grime accumulated on the road with the lack of rain turn into a slippery hazard as soon as a few raindrops fall. We suggest you be mindful of your speed and stay alert during these times. 

Pronto Insurance Has Your Back

Whether there’s rain, wildlife, or other hazards out on the road, you can always count on Pronto Insurance to provide the protection you deserve. Give us a call today to learn more about our policies and rates.

3 Tips for Being Mindful on the Road from our Auto Insurance Agency

Each day, large delivery trucks and 18-wheelers hit the road to ensure everyone gets their goods promptly. Of course, this means drivers have to share the road with these big rigs safely and responsibly. If you tend to feel overwhelmed as you approach these oversized vehicles, don’t worry. Pronto Insurance has a few tips to help you maneuver around them safely and effectively. 

Before you get on the road, make sure you are getting the best price for auto insurance, and contact a Pronto Insurance Agent today.

Don’t Get Too Close

You never want to tail an 18-wheeler closely. If they were to make an abrupt stop, you’d end up rear-ending them and causing damage to your vehicle, injuries, or worse! Instead, ensure you’re always at least four car lengths behind these large trucks. 

Mind the Blind Spots

Unsurprisingly, large vehicles have blind spots that are just as large and highly dangerous. If you choose to pass an 18-wheeler, make sure you do so on the driver’s side, where they’ll be much more likely to see you. Once you’ve passed them, stay on your lane until you’re four cars lengths or more in front of the vehicle before merging into its lane. 

Watch the Turns

These massive vehicles take massive turns due to their size. In some instances, 18-wheelers can take up as many as three lanes when making a turn! If you see a big rig turn on its turning signal, keep your distance and let them maneuver safely. If you’re coming to a traffic stop and can see a truck about to make a turn, make sure you bring your car to a halt behind the white traffic line to give them enough space. 

Contact Pronto Insurance for Affordable Insurance

No matter the road ahead, you’ll always benefit from having the peace of mind that only auto insurance can provide. If you’re looking for a policy that best fits your needs, Pronto Insurance is here to help. Give us a call today and learn more about our rates.

Filing a Home Insurance Claim? 3 Steps You Can Take Now!

Filing a Home Insurance Claim? 3 Steps You Can Take Now!

When you’re preparing to purchase your new home, you will inevitably hear plenty of advice from your friends and family. They’ll tell you:

  • How often you need to call an exterminator.
  • What to do if your AC stops working.
  • Whether getting a pool is a good or bad idea.
  • However, what you may not hear is any advice on getting the right homeowner’s insurance. For instance, the steps you need to follow when filing a claim. Fortunately, Pronto Insurance has you covered if this is the information you want.

    Call Your Agent

    If anything happens to (or at) your home, the first thing you must do is contact your insurance company. Doing so promptly may mean the difference between a successful and speedy claim or one that takes way too long to process.

    Hold Off on Repairs

    Sure, if something happens to your home, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. However, you must take photos and record the damage before you make repairs. Your insurance adjuster will likely want to inspect your home, so you may need to wait on repairs until after speaking with them.

    Ask Questions

    When an insurance adjuster contacts you or visits your home make sure to:

  • Be clear and concise when reporting the events leading up to the home damage.
  • Remember to stay calm and avoid feeling overwhelmed while your insurance company helps you.
  • Ask your agent as many questions as you need to be answered.
  • Feel free to join your adjuster as they complete their inspection.
  • Here to Help

    Whether you’re an established homeowner or just beginning your journey into homeownership, know that your insurance company should be there to take care of you. It’s something that Pronto Insurance has prioritized since our inception and something that we’d love to share with you. If you’re currently shopping for insurance or want to know more about our services, message us today.

    3 These Steps to Keep Your Home Safe While on Summer

    3 These Steps to Keep Your Home Safe While on Summer


    After months of hard work and dedication, it’s time for you and your loved ones to head out to a relaxing destination where you can wind down and relax. But, before you head out, you should take proactive steps to make sure you don’t return to a ransacked home! Not sure where to start? Pronto Insurance has you covered homeowner’s insurance and these three steps.

    Tell Someone You Trust

    Summer vacations are exciting, and sometimes it can be challenging to keep things under wraps. However, it’s in your best interest to not tell anyone your plans. You should only tell someone you trust about your upcoming trip. In fact, you can even ask them to stop by your
    house and:

  • Check your house is safe
  • Pick up your mail
  • Feed your pets
  • Leave a Light On

    Yes, this advice may sound like something your dad would suggest, but he has a point! If your house is left in absolute darkness, it may be a beacon of opportunity to any would-be robbers.
    If you can avoid this issue by leaving your porch lights on (and maybe even a radio), you may do yourself a massive favor.

    Go Social Media Dark

    Would you ever tell the entire world you’ll be away from your home for a few days, giving someone the chance to ransack your valuables? We think not. You should strongly consider:

  • Limiting your social media use while you’re gone.
  • Turning off your location tags on all your social media posts.
  • Waiting to post that fantastic picture of a beach sunset until you return home.
  • Protect Your Home

    Whether you are home, out on a quick errand, or away on a relaxing summer vacation, the one thing your house should not go without is insurance. The right policy can help you navigate:

  • Fires
  • Robberies
  • Destructive weather
  • Contact Pronto Insurance today to learn more about our homeowner’s insurance and the tailor-
    made rates we can offer you.

    These 3 Insurance Myths Are Not What They Seem

    These 3 Insurance Myths Are Not What They Seem

    If you find yourself shopping for insurance, you’re likely to hear a few opinions from friends, family, or even the internet. This, along with the overwhelming amount of available information, can make finding the best insurance for your vehicle challenging.
    At Pronto Insurance, we want to make your insurance shopping experience a little easier. We want to discuss and debunk some of the most common car insurance myths.

    Your Credit Doesn’t Matter

    If you’ve bought a house, a car, or simply gotten a credit card, you know how important your credit score is. Things are no different when it comes to your car insurance. Most insurers determine rates by using your credit history. After all, it will disclose just how reliable you are when making payments.

    Specific Colors Are More Expensive to Insure

    You’ve probably heard people say red cars are almost impossible to insure. However, this is far from the case. The reality is that your car’s age, model, make, and engine size will have a greater say in how your insurance rates play out.

    Your Rates Rise Along With Your Age

    Nobody wants to get older, but at least find closure in knowing aging won’t raise your premiums. Actually, quite the opposite! In many cases, drivers over a certain age are eligible for age discounts that could decrease their payments.

    Let’s Get You Insured

    If your insurance shopping journey has been too stressful, don’t worry. The experts at Pronto Insurance are ready to make things easy. We’ll evaluate your needs and tailor an insurance plan based on them, so you get exactly what you need and nothing more. Contact us today if you have any questions about our rates.

    Today’s Gas Prices Call for a Guide on How to Save Fuel

    Today’s Gas Prices Call for a Guide on How to Save Fuel

    Gas prices have skyrocketed over the last few weeks, and there’s no telling when they will normalize. Of course, it would be unfair to suggest you should simply stop driving. However, you can take a few steps to make sure you’re keeping as much fuel in the tank and money in your pocket as possible.

    Not Every Hour is Rush Hour

    Quick question. Is speeding acceptable when running late to work or simply looking for a thrill? Nope! Speeding is never the right call. It’s dangerous and selfish, and it also wreaks havoc on your gas consumption. The key to saving your fuel is watching your pace and driving steady.

    Maintenance Your Vehicle Regularly

    If you’re not necessarily one to keep up with tune-ups, it may just be time to change your ways—oil changes, air filter replacements, and spark plug checks, are all essential to keep your vehicle in good shape.

    Tires are Important

    Your tire’s pressure, tread, and overall health are important factors ensuring your vehicle is safe and efficient. Even a poorly-inflated tire will produce more resistance on the road. This means your car will struggle to ride along and, in turn, waste more of your precious gas.

    Plan Ahead

    Driving around aimlessly is the perfect way to ensure you’re wasting gas. Be smart and plan your trips before climbing into the driver’s seat. Plan ahead and give the insurance agents at Pronto Insurance a call if you’re ready to protect your car. We’ll help you find the protection that best fits your needs.

    Keep It Cool and Prep Your Car for Warmer Weather

    Keep It Cool and Prep Your Car for Warmer Weather

    When the cold days wear off, and the sun starts to sizzle down on us, we tend to waste no time in getting ourselves ready for the new weather. We wear lighter clothes, hydrate more, and even lather our skin with a bit of sunblock. Wouldn’t it be great if we gave our vehicles the same treatment? At Pronto Insurance, we want to help you prep your car and keep it working as it should during the sizzling hot weather.

    Your AC is a Priority

    Summers can be brutal, and taking on the road without air-conditioning is entirely out of the question. If you want to avoid driving around in a foul mood and soaked in sweat, we recommend you make sure your AC is working properly before the weather gets even hotter. Giving it a test run will let you know if you’re all set or if it’s time to make some repairs.

    Check Your Coolant

    Your vehicle’s coolant is its natural hydration. Without it, overheating becomes a huge danger that can potentially leave you stranded when you least expect it. We recommend you check your coolant levels even before spring begins. It’s always a good idea to carry an extra container of coolant in your trunk, especially if you drive an older vehicle.

    How’s Your Battery?

    As you can imagine, the blazing summer heat can negatively affect your car battery. If you wish to avoid any malfunctions while out on the road, it’s always a good idea to have your battery charge checked. Now, doing so allows you to replace your battery before the weather gets even hotter.

    Help When You Need It

    Did you know some insurance plans come with the added benefit of roadside assistance? At Pronto Insurance, we know this feature can be a difference-maker in unexpected situations. Give our insurance agents a call today for more information about this comprehensive service.

    These 3 Signs Could Indicate It May be Time for a New Vehicle

    These 3 Signs Could Indicate It May be Time for a New Vehicle

    Car payments can be a major monthly headache. It’s the reason why so many drivers keep their cars running for as long as they possibly can. However, no matter how hard you may try, there is always a point when your car just won’t work any longer. At Pronto Insurance, we want to share the 3 most common signs that indicate it is time for a new set of wheels.

    Safety Concerns

    Older cars tend to have a few quirks in them that need to be done in order to work. Maybe the gas cap needs to be jiggled in order to twist off. Or perhaps the seat reclining lever needs a bit of a shimmy to let you adjust your seat. But, if you find yourself doing these same things to your seatbelt, your brakes, or any other component that’s vital for your safety, it’s time to say goodbye to your car.

    You’re Hemorrhaging Money

    Sure, not having a car payment is a godsend. And yes, you’re going to have to make some repairs to your vehicle eventually. But, if you’re finding yourself frequently paying mechanics, your gas efficiency is in shambles, or insurance costs are steadily rising, you may be spending way too much on your old car.

    Bad Looks

    Some older vehicles look great and are full of charm. But it’s safe to say that many other older vehicles have definitely seen better days. Chances are, you can probably tell which category your vehicle falls under. If your set of wheels is an absolute eyesore and you have an opportunity to score a better-looking set of wheels, run with it!

    Protection Always

    No matter what state your car is in, it’s important to remember the best protection you can give it is car insurance. At Pronto Insurance, we’re ready to help you find the protection that best fits your need, so you can keep hitting the road with peace of mind. Contact us today for more information about our insurance services.

    3 Reasons a Used Car May Be the Best Way to Go for Your New Set of Wheels

    3 Reasons a Used Car May Be the Best Way to Go for Your New Set of Wheels

    Did you know the average cost for a new car at the end of 2021 was over $45,000? That’s up from $40,000 in 2020, according to Kelly Blue Book! Given the latest prices and the chip shortage that has left car dealerships looking empty, buying a used car may be the best way to go. If that doesn’t convince you, Pronto Insurance also has a few factors to share that may make you want to choose a used vehicle instead.


    Your car depreciates the moment you drive out of the dealership’s lot. New vehicles depreciate roughly 20 percent the moment they’re driven out of the lot and a further 10 percent during the first year. On the other hand, used vehicles have already significantly depreciated since they first left the dealership. While they will continue to decline, they’ll do so at a slower rate. This all translates to a better loan-to-vehicle-value ratio.

    Value for Money

    Let’s say you’re ready to purchase that beautiful truck you’ve always wanted but, after looking at the prices for new ones, you find that it’s out of your price range. However, the prices for one or two years older models are well within your means! This means you can get the vehicle of your dreams for a very good price.

    Proven History

    Getting a brand-new car guarantees you’ll be driving a machine that has never experienced any issues. But this doesn’t mean an old vehicle is the complete opposite of that. Fortunately, with the accessibility of finding car histories, title status, reports, and other past ownership information, you can be sure of what type of vehicle you’re driving before you make a purchase.

    Insurance Is a Must

    If you’re ready to bring a new set of wheels to your driveway, insurance is a must. The insurance agents at Pronto Insurance are ready to help you evaluate your needs and determine what type of protection best fits your needs and vehicle. Give us a call today for more information about our insurance services.

    Your Car Insurance Costs Are Dependent on these 4 Vehicle Factors

    Your Car Insurance Costs Are Dependent on these 4 Vehicle Factors

    Time and time again, people are told their car insurance costs are directly related to their age, gender, driving record, and so on. While this is true, it’s important to remember just how much impact your vehicle will have on your insurance costs. In fact, at Pronto Insurance, we want to share the four factors that are most commonly related to your car insurance.

    The Size

    We can probably all agree small cars are enjoyable to drive. You can zip and zoom around everywhere and fit it into the tightest spots. However, in many cases, smaller cars can speed up quickly, cut people off, and maneuver in a way that can potentially cause accidents. For this reason, bigger cars are considered “safer” and therefore a bit less expensive to insure.

    The Value

    Value is in the eye of the car owner. It may not be surprising to learn a car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars will be much more expensive to insure than one that costs five grand. This goes for foreign luxury or sports cars, which are pricier to repair than their American counterparts.

    The Age

    New cars have cutting-edge features and parts that make driving them a good experience. But, for all this technology, you’re probably looking at spending a pretty penny if your brand-new vehicle needs repairs compared to an older car. This, as you can imagine, translates to insurance prices, which will be much higher for newer vehicles.

    The Safety Features

    Today, some of the highest-ranked vehicles are considered the best due to their safety features and rankings. They often come equipped with warning systems backup cameras and even have the capacity to avoid accidents when you least expect them.

    Insurance companies love safety features, and a vehicle that is maintained. It’s possible to even be charged less for protection depending on these additional factors. Contact Pronto Insurance to get started today.